Elias Gets To Leave The ICU In Grandma’s Arms

It was touch and go for a while with Elias. In his last update, I said he took his fight to the ICU and that’s exactly what he did.

Shortly after he arrived in the ICU, Elias showed he wasn’t improving like all of us were hoping. We left the hospital knowing there was a real chance he wouldn’t make it through the night.

Those are always the longest car rides back to the hotel.

But then something happened after we drove away. All of a sudden, Elias showed signs that he was still in the fight. His body started to respond to the medication. For the things the medication couldn’t do, Elias was doing on his own. With each new hour, he grew stronger.

We showed up to the hospital in the morning to relieve the nursing team that stayed with him through the night. “Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” “Miracle.” Those were the kind of words they used to describe Elias’ recovery. One nurse said there came a point where she just took a step back and watched Elias take over the fight on his own.

So, today, when Elias’ grandma got to rush into the ICU and gush over her grandson, kissing every part that wasn’t covered by surgical tape and tubing, we couldn’t have been more relieved.

In just a few hours, Elias gets to be carried out of the ICU. No more tape. No more tubing or wires. No more heart defect. Just a lot of hugs and kisses from grandma.

Elias is one of eight children who have received lifesaving surgeries so far this Remedy Mission. We still have six more days to go!

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