Empty Refugee Camps East of Mosul, Families Continue to Flee South

When the battle for Mosul was announced, we predicted that most families would flee south—which matters because most of the help that’s waiting for them is no the north and east of the city.  

This week, we got to see it for ourselves. 

We were invited into one of the displacement camps east of Mosul, a few miles from the front lines. A few hundred families have trickled into this camp—and thanks to you, they now have enough food to last for a month.  

But mostly, what we saw was row after row of empty tents. 

“It’s almost spooky,” our senior field editor Matt Willingham said.


UN agencies have confirmed that most people aren’t fleeing to the north or the east, where most of the help is. Most people are fleeing south, as Iraqi forces push their way up toward Mosul.

You are there too, right on the heels of the military and militia forces. As towns and villages are liberated, we’re there with help for those displaced by the fighting. We’re meeting them where they’re actually running. This is where we’re positioning the lion’s share of our emergency response.

For those caught up in the crossfire. 

For those who will never make it to a displacement camp.

For those who will never reach the aid massed along the northern and eastern fronts. 

For those most likely to be overlooked, forgotten, or ignored. 

That’s who you’re serving. That’s who we’ll continue to serve. Go with us.  

Help us serve families on the front lines. $65 can provide a month’s supply of food for a Mosul family.

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