Update on Malak: Everything is Normal!

Side-by-side photos of little Malak, immediate after her lifesaving heart surgery in Libya and after she healed up and went home.

What’s so special about a cell phone photo of a kid in a stroller? That’s not just any child—that’s Malak! And just a few weeks ago, her life was in jeopardy because she needed lifesaving heart surgery.

Malak got her surgery. She recovered well with the loving support of her parents. And then she went home.

save lives on the frontlines of war

Little Malak, her cardiologist, and parents stop for a photo as Malak is discharged from hospital.

Yesterday her father sent a photo of Malak at home, riding in style. It all looks so normal—a normal kid in a well-used stroller. And we couldn’t be more thrilled! This is exactly the point of providing children with heart surgeries—to give them the chance at “normal.”

Thank you for loving children like Malak! You can give more children a chance at “normal” by donating below.

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