First Delivery of Aid In Fallujah Militarized Zone: Food and Water for 500 Families

This morning, we delivered lifesaving food and water for 500 families within the active militarized zone around Fallujah.

That’s what you made happen today. 

This kind of distribution isn’t easy or necessarily safe—but then, you’ve never allowed your love be limited by what’s considered easy or safe. Communication in and around Fallujah is difficult, so even with our advance preparation, it was impossible to know exactly what we would find when we got there.

What we found were families, mostly women and children, who were recently liberated from ISIS. They told us they hadn’t received aid from any other organization yet. Many are reportedly sleeping outside, in the desert, without tents or mattresses.

The families you served have yet to be moved into any kind of displacement camp. They are not in a “safe area.” They are still threatened by violence, as we would see firsthand before the day was done.

After our team arrived, we began unloading aid from the truck—52,000 pounds of food. 24,000 liters of water. Families lined up, ID cards ready, and the distribution began.

Tensions Boil Over

While we were handing out food and water, the security situation around us deteriorated quickly—apparently due to simmering tensions among local tribal and religious leaders. Soldiers armed with guns and RPGs began moving into the area. We were ordered to withdraw to safer territory. It was strongly suggested that we would be on our own if we didn’t.

A few hours later, the situation had stabilized enough that we were allowed to return and finish distributing aid. But it was a sobering reminder: while these families may have escaped the immediate threat from ISIS, security and stability are still a long way off.

More Help Needed for Families on the Front Lines

Despite the continued volatility, tonight these families have food and water.

They know you have their back.

They know they are not forgotten.

They have what they need to survive.

As we’ve said before, this is only the beginning of our response to the situation in and around Fallujah. We’re already planning more humanitarian aid deliveries on the front lines.

Right now, those who flee are received at security checkpoints before being transferred to displacement camps. As the battle presses into Fallujah, these checkpoints could be overwhelmed by families trying to escape, leaving thousands in limbo.

Just like the families you helped today, they can’t afford to wait until they make it to a camp before they receive aid. The work being done in these camps is essential—but we have to keep showing up in the hardest places, where the need is most urgent. That’s why we’re continuing to coordinate with government officials, Iraqi Security Forces, and our local partners to deliver aid as close as possible to those in need.

Today was a first step.

Today, you gave more than food to the families of Fallujah. You gave them hope. You gave them reason to hang on. You showed them that you will stand with them and help create the more beautiful world they deserve.

Thank you for saving lives on the front lines. Stay with us for more updates on the crisis in Fallujah. To continue serving families in Fallujah, donate here.