They walked 200 miles to escape ISIS… only to be turned away at the refugee camp.

Mohammed walked through the desert with his family for three days, trying to put as much distance between his children and the horrors they had faced in their home city of Mosul.

His friends were killed by ISIS. His friends’ wives were kidnapped. Mohammed’s family was still together, but he knew they had to get out before they met the same fate.

After a strenuous three-day journey, Mohammed and his family—along with 59 other families in similar situations—arrived at a refugee camp near Fallujah. But there were not enough resources to help 60 more families.

They had walked more than 200 miles, carrying a few prized possessions, their tired children, and years worth of memories of friends and homes lost to ISIS. And now, it seemed, there was still no place for them.

But thanks to you, that’s not how their stories ends. The camp director reached out to us for help and you showed up with food, water, and mattresses for these families.

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Once again, your love showed up in the hard places for the people who needed in the most.

After Mohammed received mattresses for his family, he told us: “We’ve been sleeping on the ground for five days. I had to put my clothes on the ground for my family to sleep on. I have six children and a wife—and now they all have a place to sleep. Thank you.”

Your love provided peace of mind for weary parents and a safe place for their family to rest.

Your love is extraordinary.

Thank you for showing up in the desert for Mohammed’s family and the 59 other families who now have a place to stay, safe from the violence that drove them from their homes.