Farewell to Another Group of Interns

As you read this, our five summer interns are on a plane home.

They’ve spent the past two months with us—living and working to save the lives of children in Iraq who desperately need heart surgery.

Here are a few things they discovered during their time here:

Josh Evans:
“Never make a decision based on fear. Pursuing peace may take us into unknown places, but we don’t have to journey alone.”

Nate Miller:
“Stereotypes about locations aren’t always right, and traveling around the world is necessary in order to disprove or confirm them. Iraq is a beautiful place filled with great people.”

kinsman soap

Dane Barnett:
“Perspective is everything. Impact is made in little decisions every day. You cannot change the world, but you can change your world.”

Alex Allison:
“Kindness to the person next to you—whether she be Kurd or Arab or boss or intern—should never be conditional on how well you know her or how much you like her. It should just be.”

Summer Downs:
“I found that wrestling is a posture I should settle into—not shrink back from. I also discovered that stories have compelling power that can be manipulated, and I now have ears that detect when a story begins with “secondly.”

This could be you next summer! We’re looking for passion-filled, vibrant young people who share our vision to love and serve Iraqi families. Check out our internship page here.