Featured Partner: Angela Ferrara

Each month, PLC receives generous donations from a variety of sponsors, and we love to highlight these people because they are an important part of the Coalition. Their donations are used to provide kids with heart surgeries and to launch programs like our upcoming Remedy Fellowship program!

Angela Ferrara is one of these incredible donors, and she was gracious enough to share a little about herself in an interview:

1) Would you tell us a little about yourself. Occupation? Interests? Passions? Aspirations?

I’m an adventurer and a dreamer who loves traveling, living in different cities in the U.S., and experiencing other cultures abroad. I also enjoy music, poetry, nature, contemplation, and a good cup of coffee. I currently live in Seattle where I work as a nanny and volunteer with the refugee community. For almost a decade I’ve had a passion to help those who cannot help themselves, and I’m working toward being able to focus on this goal vocationally.

2) And how did you hear about the Preemptive Love Coalition?

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I heard about PLC through an acquaintance, Josh Gigliotti, whom I met at Cedarville University. I saw his Facebook posts while he was in Iraq and became extremely interested in the work PLC was doing there.

3) What motivates you toward compassion for Iraqi children? Learning about what PLC does for children in Iraq has made me realize how vital their work is. It’s heartbreaking thinking about the condition these kids are in, but I am filled with hope when I read PLC’s blog and see the photos of the children post-surgery.

4) Is there anything you would like to tell the rest of the Coalition? Any rally cries, encouragements, or challenges? PLC’s love and dedication for the children and people of Iraq is such a beautiful and tangible expression of the heart of God, providing hope for the hopeless. Let’s love with them!


We’re so thankful to Angela for her commitment to saving the children of Iraq! Stick with us for this next week of blogging goodness; we’ve got our eleventh Remedy Mission and our second mission to the holy city of Najaf coming up—great things are ahead!