Featured Partner: Emily Potts Photography

Emily Potts Photography recently hosted a “Have a Heart” event to raise funds and awareness for our work, and the owner, Emily, (on the right) and her assistant, Danielle, (left) have kindly obliged us with an interview.

PLC: Thanks ladies! Would you mind introducing yourselves to the rest of the Coalition? 

Emily: Emily Potts Photography is a boutique portrait studio located in Bartlesville, OK. I’m the owner and photographer and Danielle is one of my super-awesome assistants! We’re both both mothers of small boys and love our families like crazy! We’re also excited about an upcoming expansion of the business and have big ideas for my little studio. 

PLC: How did you first hear about our work? 

Danielle: I first heard about Preemptive Love Coalition and Buy Shoes. Save Lives. on the radio. I looked it up and found that I knew PLC’s co-founder, Jeremy Courtney, from college. I was so inspired that I spread the word to family and friends, and Emily immediately jumped in with ideas about how to support PLC. 

Emily: I heard about PLC from Danielle. 🙂 

PLC: What is it that motivates you toward compassion for Iraqi children? 

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E & D: As moms we can only imagine what it must be like for these children and parents to be faced with a life-threatening illness and have no solution. Joining PLC is an amazing opportunity to offer a source of hope for parents facing such a huge trial. 

PLC: Is there anything you would like to tell the rest of the Coalition? Any rally cries, encouragements, or challenges? 

D & E: We’re so impressed with how generously all of you give of yourselves. We pray for continued awareness of your cause and for all of the families your work is touching. We know there must be times when it feels like this is such an overwhelming process, but we know your work makes such a huge impact on the families you are able to help. We feel so blessed to be just a little part of what you guys do! 

Thanks, ladies. 

Definitely take a minute to check out Emily’s website – she takes excellent photos! And if you’re new here, you should know that most of our supporters are lot like Emily and Danielle. This Coalition consists of hundreds of everyday people who are using their time, creativity, and finances to provide healthy hearts to sick children. There’s no Daddy Warbucks bankrolling our operation – it’s just people like you

So why not join Emily and Danielle in helping? If you have a small business, click here to learn more about how your small business can make a HUGE difference in the lives of these children! There is no Coalition without you.