He’s feeding his community. (He’s also a refugee.)

Enrique is only 18, and he’s from one of the most violent places on earth: Guatemala.

He made the treacherous journey north with his father for safety. Enrique now lives in a shelter in Mexico.

Three times a day, he’s in the shelter’s rooftop greenhouse, looking after the tomato plants growing inside. These are no ordinary tomatoes though. They are a source of food and income for all the migrants in the shelter. The first block in the foundation of a better life.

But for Enrique, they are something more still. He loves these plants, and often comes up to the greenhouse just to sit with them. He wants to be a veterinarian some day. In the meantime,  being able to care for these plants is…

  • A job—work for willing hands, every single day
  • A future—helping him move toward his dream
  • A purpose—building opportunity and a future for his fellow migrants

Enrique is part of the solution.

Photo by Libni Galvez/Preemptive Love

When you invest in him, you empower him to transform an entire community.

When you invest in him, you invest in a world where everyone rises.

When you invest in him, you provide relief, jobs, and community to bring that world to life. To heal all that’s tearing us apart. To end war.

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