Feeding the Hungry, Healing the Sick: Your Love Across Iraq

The intense battle for Mosul continued to rage in June, and you continued to show up with emergency relief. But that’s not all you’re doing. You’re providing water and medical care in and around Mosul.

Here is a recap of what you made possible last month.

Food Delivered to Mosul

We continued to deliver made food to vulnerable families in Mosul.

For example, we reached over 500 families who fled the active conflict zone for comparatively safer parts of the city. They dodged sniper fire and explosions to escape ISIS control. However, most of them wound up in already overcrowded homes. We sought out neighborhoods with the fewest resources and brought food as well as hygiene supplies—including bars of refugee-made Kinsman and Sisterhood soap.

After ISIS destroyed the al-Nuri mosque in the heart of Mosul, your love rushed in to help the neediest people in the city. These families lived under ISIS rule for almost three years. They saw businesses close and food supplies dry up. Parents were forced to feed their children grass and cardboard to fill their stomachs. Some reported having nothing at all to give their children for days prior to our arrival.

Recent military advances made it possible for us to reach the area—and over 1,000 families (approximately 5,000 people total) received food packages. These supplies are the difference between life and death, and we’re preparing for the days to come.

Clean Water as the Temperature Soars

The average temperature in Mosul in June is almost 100 degrees. Clean water is not a convenience but a life-or-death matter of staying hydrated, avoiding skin and eye conditions, and preventing waterborne diseases like cholera.

Municipal water pipes in Mosul were destroyed in fighting, leaving families without running water. Some report digging holes in their yards and drinking the muddy water because they have no other options.

You have seen this dire need and responded.

For two months now, you have delivered fresh water to 16 just-liberated neighborhoods in west Mosul, including one about a half mile from the fighting. Each family we’ve reached so far receives 10 liters of water per person per day.

Our delivery team works with local leaders to identify the adults and children in each home and gives them vouchers to receive their water. Careful records are kept on the capacity of each truck and amount given to each recipient.

So far, 4,727,000 liters have been delivered to 77,487 people. We plan to continue regular water distributions until the city water supply is restored.

Medical Care for Families on the Run

Near the end of last month, about 4,000 people fled Mosul in desperate need of safety and medical attention. The desert area they fled to already has camps full of families who have been displaced for months, so the new arrivals are struggling to get settled.

The staff of the health clinic you support here has rushed to meet this new wave of need. Led by Dr. Amer, below, our team is providing checkups and intensive care for families. Those of you who are monthly sponsors—your regular donations make it possible for us to respond right away when an unexpected need like this arises.

In another area, our local partners began a new initiative using a mobile medical team to offer first aid, small food packages, and trauma counseling for women who have experienced violence or loss in Mosul.

In addition, your generosity continues to pay the salaries of dozens of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab assistants, and administrators in eight clinics across Mosul. You’ve also provided medicines and emergency supplies and repaired damaged medical buildings. Last month, these clinics saw 34,682 patients across the region.

The medical staff working in this high-stress environment show tremendous involvement with their patients and communities. Last month, the team in one area saw that local schoolchildren did not have textbooks—so during their vacation, they brought books from their hometown to meet the need. We are thankful to work with these dedicated professionals who show such compassion and generosity.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity for the people of Iraq. Your love is changing thousands of lives here.