Fire Damages Refugee Camp, Families Lose Everything… Again

Imagine having to run from ISIS, having to live in a tent in the desert… only for your tent and everything in it to go up in flames.

Recently, a fire tore through a refugee camp in northern Iraq. No one was injured, thankfully. But the blaze destroyed 70 tents, causing many families to be displaced for a second time.

Those impacted by the fire have received new tents from other refugee agencies, along with a couple mattresses and blankets per tent. But this is nowhere near enough. Not when there are several people living in each tent. Not when they didn’t have enough for everyone before the fire, much less after it consumed what little there was.

Some of those displaced by the fire have had sleep on the ground—no mattress, no blanket, no rug to provide even the smallest comfort.

With you’re help, we’re going to change that.

We’re bringing an emergency delivery of mattresses, blankets, and rugs to properly re-furnish each family’s tent.

Because we’re already serving in this camp—we’ve been providing clean water and hygiene kits for families here—we’re able to respond quickly. But we need you to go with us.

It takes $90 to resupply one tent with enough for an entire family. With your help, we can provide warmth, comfort, and dignity in the midst of their displacement.