Five Stories, One Purpose: Meet Our Interns

On a typical summer morning, five interns sit in our office and work.

They each have a different reason for being here, and they each have a different job to do, but together they work for one purpose: to further preemptive love here and at home.

Meet Dane—a recent graduate from Cedarville University and the point person for our new website; he came here because he grew up with a congenital heart defect and wanted to help kids who have one, too.
Then there’s Josh, another recent graduate from Cedarville University. He’s into Arabic and the rhetoric of “peace-waging” and any sort of development work we throw at him.
And Summer, a junior at Seattle Pacific University this fall—she loves everything Kurdish, from the people to the dancing, and her current project is putting together our annual report.
Nate will be a junior at Anderson University this fall, but while we’ve got him he’s crunching numbers and eating baklava. Unfortunately, he was the first to get sick (better now!).
Finally, meet Alex: a repeat-intern from last summer, she just graduated from Pepperdine University and, as our resident copywriter, attempts to make all of us look good in print.
Oh, and we can’t forget Alexis, our stateside executive assistant who came to organize our lives here on a daily basis—and occasionally pretend she’s an intern.


Their journeys this summer will be documented right here, and we’ll be sharing day-to-day shots in our Instagram feed. Check back soon for more updates!