Three Examples of How You Can Make A Difference For Families Fleeing War

Sometimes it can feel hard to know how to help refugee families caught in the snare of war. Giving monthly is enormously helpful in allowing us to know how much lifesaving aid or small business grants can be provided. But for those who want to do more, to give more, or simply to spread the message of Preemptive Love, here are three examples from members of our community of how they’re leveraging their skills and passions to make a difference.

Make Goods to Sell

Sheryl and Brittany are a mother/daughter team who love to bake. Together with family, friends, and their faith communities, they formed Rolls for Refugees—baking and selling cinnamon rolls during the holiday season to raise money and awareness for displaced families in Syria and Iraq.

Everyone involved in Rolls for Refugees volunteers time and ingredients. This year they were able to make and sell over 150 trays of cinnamon rolls.

Rolls for Refugees shows how you can bring your whole community together to make a big impact, simply by reaching out and being willing to create new friends. Together, you can spread kindness, love, and peace.

Lindsay, Bethany, and Marion at a bake sale. Photo courtesy of Bethany Rydmark.

Hold a Bake Sale

Lindsay and Bethany started a bake sale and raffle in 2015 at the peak of the Syrian migrant crisis. After seeing so many heartbreaking stories in the news of boats sinking and other horrific tragedies, they were motivated to organize a bake sale for refugees in Portland, Oregon.

Each year, Lindsay organizes a bake sale, coordinating with various organizations, including Preemptive Love, to support immigrants, refugees, and oppressed peoples. Lindsay and Bethany and their community believe that immigrants and refugees are what make America beautiful and that helping our neighbors—both locally and globally—is imperative.

Sherbert Concerts Fundraiser

Scotland resident Sally Herbert runs three different music ensembles under the umbrella of “Sherbert Music.”Alongside her fellow musicians, she has spent the last few months at her concerts and gigs bringing awareness to Preemptive Love and fundraising for women’s start-up businesses.

During the concerts, Sally finds a moment to talk briefly about Preemptive Love and collect donations. But she and the other musicians have also gotten creative during the concerts—asking the audience to bid for the musicians to do certain challenges with the music they play. For example, they had a young boy place Fur Elise by Beethoven, and then the audience bid to have the boy play the piece—blindfolded!

Create your own fundraiser and use your unique talents and passion to spread hope to families fleeing war.

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