Gifting Justice To One Family At A Time: Zahran Goes to Surgery


“I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in a country with good healthcare.” 

Those were the words of a mother of two.

Both were born with holes in their hearts.

Her youngest, pictured above, is Zahran. Zahran was diagnosed with heart disease when she was seven months old. A bleak diagnosis is all the doctor could offer them. That and the hope of treatment overseas. 

Zahran’s mother kept repeating, “We could not find a remedy here in Iraq.” What would be harder to hear as a parent? The fact that your child has an incurable disease or that there is a cure but it’s just out of your reach? 

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When there is a remedy and when it’s within reach of some and out of reach for others, just based on where they’re born, then it becomes an issue of justice, doesn’t it? Like all issues of injustice, it requires people to come running and take action. It requires people to do justice. 

Today marks the 6th day of operations and Zahran’s set to be the 16th child to be given what could be a life-saving surgery! Because of YOU, Zahran’s mother can start to imagine what it’s going to be like to live in a country where the healthcare is strong enough to save her children. 

What better gift could you give this Christmas than justice?