Good News: Zahraa Was Wheeled Up To The Ward!

A diptic of Zahraa in her wheelchair heading up to the children's ward.

Our girl Zahraa was sent up from the ICU to the ward today. She’s the first child from this mission to make it out of the ICU, and she’s almost certain to be the first to go home.

We’re now halfway through Remedy Mission XIII, and today is our midway break day. Last mission we visited Babylon and one of Saddam’s old palaces, but today the team is just relaxing around the hotel and getting some rest.

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It’s this halfway point, though, when the ICU begins getting full, and we have to wait for children like Zahraa to get well enough to leave the ICU before the team performs more surgery. If there aren’t available beds, the children can’t be cared for after their heart is fixed. In short, please pray for the children who are recovering. Right now there are four in the ICU, and they’re all doing fairly well.

Thanks for your support and encouragement during these missions. You’ve helped us get so far, so keep tracking with us and we’ll have more updates for you when surgeries begin again tomorrow!

A photo of Zahraa up in her ward room resting.

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