Happy Newroz! Newroz Pîroz bê!

This week we’re joining Kurds around the world in celebrating Newroz (now-rose), or Kurdish (and Persian) New Year.

I’m only a few weeks into life in Iraq, but it didn’t take long to see why people say Newroz is a great time to live and work among the Kurds. These people know how to celebrate!

According to legend, the first Newroz came after the death of an evil king who was performing child sacrifices to feed his snakes. All the gruesome details can be read here, but I just wanted to point out how beautifully I think this holiday coincides with our work. 

It’s a celebration of things being made new. Children get a chance at life. 

If you’ve spent any time with us or on our site, you know that this theme of new life for children is central to who we are, and the fact that you’ve chosen to join the Coalition and make life possible for these Iraqi kids is a HUGE boon for us and, more importantly, for the future of Iraq.

So, from all of our staff: Happy Newroz from Iraq!