Hassin Is Headed To Surgery!

A photo of Hassin watching TV in his hospital room in Najaf, Iraq.

Have I mentioned how much I love this little boy?

It saddens me to see children carried into the O.R. screaming their lungs out—especially considering how hard it must be for their families to watch. If it were me, I’d probably second guess everything when they carried my wailing child through those double doors.

“Is this worth the risk?”

“Will my child think I betrayed him?”

“What if he doesn’t survive?”

But Hassin simply waved goodbye to his family and walked away all by himself. He didn’t even need to be carried. His parents just forced a smile and grandma cupped a hand over her mouth after waving goodbye.

It was, well, kind of awesome. Hassin’s a cool customer. So cool, though, that I couldn’t get him to smile even once—not even with my ridiculous glasses! Between his poorly oxygenated blood and too much TV, Hassin was not very active or smiley.A two-part photo collage of Hassin not smiling and then having his face pulled into a smile.

But once the doctors patch that hole and get his heart fixed up, that’s about to be Remedied. Hassin is about to feel better and more energized than ever before. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a real smile?

Come back tomorrow for an update on Hassin’s surgery. In the meantime, please pray for him and for the rest of these children.

More to come…

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