Hassin Is Recovering In The ICU

A photo collage of Hassin recovering in the ICU in Najaf, Iraq.

Hassin, his eyelashes, and his grandma are in the ICU resting after an operation that ended up taking much longer than expected.

The cardiologist identified a hole in between the lower ventricles of Hassin’s heart, but he wasn’t sure whether or not that was the only defect that needed correcting.

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Fortunately, he warned the surgeons that there may be more to Hassin’s heart than meets the eye (or the echo machine). Hassin ended up having something called Tetrology of Fallot, a four-part defect that is considered to be fairly complex. But, after nearly seven hours in the O.R., the doctors fixed it all, and Hassin is doing great!

Now all we can do is wait for Hassin to wake up so we can try again to get that smile out of him. Stay tuned…

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