Headed Home While Remedy Continues To Gain Momentum


At the end of the first Remedy Mission in Southern Iraq we served 22 families, corrected 45 heart defects and gave a collective 7,000 hours of training to more than 50 local doctors and nurses!

Kids conquered heart disease together, families built new networks of friendships, doctors gained mentors, nurses gathered inspiration, and a foundation was laid for what might someday become a fully functional, locally-run pediatric cardiac surgery center.

Thanks to YOU, the momentum has continued from our first Remedy Mission in Sulaymaniyah last August to the latest mission in Nasiriyah. 

As we get ready for 2011, both Sulaymaniyah and Nasariyah are preparing for 8 more Remedy Missions this next year! 

The growing coalition of partners that continue to bring Remedy include all of us at PLC, our friends at the International Children’s Heart FoundationLiving Light InternationalKurdistan Save the Children, both the Iraqi and Kurdish governments along with local governments and ministries of health, and you! Without your support, there would be no remedies like what we’re witnessing. With your support, this will only be the beginning! With each story that’s told through these missions, a growing community is being drawn to the people of Iraq. 

As a community, we’re not only beginning to grow in our understanding and love but we’re tangibly waging peace in both our local communities and in communities throughout the Middle East. 

It’s a pleasure to be standing alongside you. Let’s press on!