Heartmender Tour Takes on L.A.

Los Angeles::Los Angeles Skyline @ Los Angeles DWP Headquarters

After four days in San Francisco, kicking off our Heartmender Tour (and only receiving one parking ticket!) we’ve made the trek down south to Los Angeles.

Sunday marked our first full day in the “City of Angels” but only after a long day spent in deep discussions in restaurants, on high school campuses, and in local churches, where we continued our Heartmender Tour about postures of peace and cooperation between peoples at odds Iraq and around the world.

We’ve run into social workers, actors, doctors, engineers, business men, hipsters, friends we haven’t seen since 3rd grade, former travel companions, and people from just about any background you can think of. What I love most about the Heartmender Tour is the fact that just a couple weeks ago, few knew the story of Ahmed or Mohammed.

Now, people all over the West Coast have been able to hear their story, see them on film, and in some way become a part of their story. Their stories are speaking up on behalf of thousands of other kids just like them in Iraq, waiting for surgery. Their stories are mobilizing entire communities here on the West Coast to take up action by becoming monthly sponsors. Their stories are mending hearts

To join their story and become a part of ours here in Los Angeles, be sure to reach out to us while we’re in town! We leave Friday and we would love to see you! Write us at info@preemptivelove.org or find us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/preemptivelove) or Twitter (http://twitter.com)! 

To make a donation or become a monthly heartmender, click here.

Photo by Mike Smith // All Rights Reserved