Help Dig A Well of Life-Giving Water in Mosul

Imagine your child saying ‘I’m thirsty,’ and having nothing to give them.

That’s the situation of many families in Mosul today. But it doesn’t have to be. You can provide a source of clean water for an entire neighborhood in as little as three days.

The bombs may have stopped falling in Mosul, but families are far from safe. Because it’s not only active conflict that threatens people…it’s everything war leaves behind. It’s busted up homes, buried explosives, and a lack of food, jobs, and electricity.

In many neighborhoods, the greatest threat is a complete lack of water.

You’ve been meeting this need in other parts of Mosul by rebuilding infrastructure or trucking in water every day for the last several months. But we recently learned that there’s one neighborhood that hasn’t been receiving water because ISIS sleeper cells have made it too dangerous for daily deliveries to this area.

The 500 families who live here have nothing to drink. No way to cook. No way to clean. No way to wash their hands. No way to clean wounds or cuts.

The only water these families have access to is overpriced bottled water that most simply cannot afford.

It will be at least another 3-4 months before water to the area is turned back on. But even before the war, this neighborhood had inconsistent access to water because their neighborhood sits on a hill. So even if the old system is fixed, it may not solve the problem.

Mothers should not have to wait months to give their children clean water.

That’s why you’re putting a well in this neighborhood, to provide clean water for everyone who lives here.

Once drilling begins, water will start flowing in as little as three days. It will solve both the short-term and long-term problem.

Working in this area has some risks. But, we know it’s a risk you’re willing to take if it means children will have life-giving clean water—because you go where no one else goes to love the ones no one else loves.

Just $3,000 can provide a long-term source of clean water for 500 war-torn families in Mosul.

With just three thousand dollars and three days, you can change reality for an entire neighborhood. You can help free these families from the choice of dehydration, debt, and displacement. They can choose health. And home.

Give today to provide clean water for children in Mosul.

Provide a source of clean water for children and families in Mosul.