Provide Care For At-Risk Displaced Families!

A photo of an Iraqi Christian girl recently displaced by ISIS

I won’t be forgetting these eyes anytime soon.

We recently met this beautiful little girl in Erbil. She’s one of the thousands of Iraqi Christians now displaced by the violence sweeping across this country, and she’s living with her family in a make-shift camp in a small city park.

As you know, the need in Iraq is greater than ever, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with the Iraq Health Aid Organization (IHAO) to provide aid for displaced people in some of the most at-risk, out-of-reach places in Iraq.

That’s food, shelter, and medicine, for hundreds of families who recently fled ISIS.

We’ll always be committed to a developmental model that emphasizes long-term solutions for people here and our heart surgery work is still going strong, but a crisis like this demands short-term relief, and we’re glad to have people like you who are ready to serve Iraq’s neediest.

save lives on the frontlines of war

Will you join us? You’ve seen what’s happening in Iraq on the news, but have you jumped in to help? Left alone, these families are threatened with malnutrition, disease, exposure to heat, and many other dangers.

Help us protect the most vulnerable children in Iraq by donating here today.

Yazidi children you're helping us serve in Baghdad

Turkmen children you're helping us serve

See more photos of the families your donation will help us serve, courtesy of IHAO:

Photo courtesy IHAO

Photo courtesy IHAO

Photo courtesy IHAO

We are poised to serve the people no one else can! Help them now by donating here.