Highlights From Our Remedy Mission XVI

Photo of one of the last children to get surgery in Najaf, Iraq.

Today is the last day of our Remedy Mission here in Najaf!

We still have a full day’s work before we head home tomorrow, but here are some highlights as we wrap up Remedy Mission XVI:

—Getting to meet Hama, Kadeeja, Musa, Ali, Diya, Shakir, Mohammed, Noor, Zainab, Zahara, Mahdi, and Yousef. All twelve of those children received lifesaving operations this trip!

—Watching one of our local heart surgeons completely correct a heart defect – without any help!

—Witnessing our cardiologists screen close to 200 more children.

—Sitting down with the local medical team to talk about longterm development and the training they want to receive this next year.

—Being overwhelmed by the gratitude and joy expressed by all the families of those we served this mission.

Thank you so much for making this mission possible.

I’ve said this before, but we haven’t provided a single heart surgery in Iraq apart from the support and generosity of others.

You give; a child is saved; peace is waged. It’s a cycle we can’t continue without you, so thank you!

As soon as I leave here, we’ll start preparing for two more Remedy Missions this month in the cities of Fallujah and Tikrit. You can be a part of the community that makes those operations possible by donating a few dollars below. Peace from Najaf.

A photo of a little Iraqi girl in need of surgery, holding her daddy's hand. Give now to bring hope to families in Tikrit!