His Heart Condition is Threatening His Life – Have You Met Alawi?

You need to. This just may be the cutest and most adorable boy in Iraq.

Alawi Hussein is just under three and a half years old and he was born with a congenital heart defect. At 9 months old, instead of taking bets on what his first word was going to be, his parents were coping with the devastating news that Alawi had a heart problem.

It was a heart problem, like most heart problems in Iraq, that could only be fixed outside of Iraq. The list of countries that could help him was long. Iran. Turkey. Jordan. India. America. Basically – many other countries except the one he was born in. While the list of opportunities was long, the list of actual possibilities for Alawi was short.

Hearing about all the doctors overseas that can heal your son is simply cruel if you don’t have the money – or even a passport – to pursue the option. 

His family had to learn to enjoy the time they had with Alawi and just hope for a remedy the doctors might have somehow missed. That surprise came this month when they were called by their local cardiologist here in southern Iraq and told that Alawi no longer needs to go overseas to be saved, because of a team of doctors and nurses that was being brought in to save his life at the hospital just fifteen minutes from their home It was thirty-two months later than they were hoping but remedy finally came to southern Iraq. 

We still hope that Alawi’s family will visit foreign countries someday, but not as last chance medical tourists!

You are the Remedy. You bring in medical teams every time you give. Our medical teams teach Iraqi doctors and nurses. Our medical teams save lives. So Iraqi doctors and nurses learn how to save lives. Our medical team goes home. The Iraqi’s keep saving lives. It’s one beautiful domino affect! We hope we can save Alawi’s life this week… and not just because he’s one of the cutest boys in Iraq! 

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