How A Boy With A Marker Captured My Heart!

All kids are cute. It’s a fact of life.

But some kids have the ability to steal your heart. Meet Jasem, the captor of my heart. I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with him as he waited for his catheterization.

Now, pre-op can be a rather boring place. It usually entails an hour or more of just waiting around for the doctors to finish their current case so they can move on to the next child. But in Jasem’s case, we kept things interesting.

When I first came to hang out with Jasem, he had his shirt on and was coloring a picture quietly on his bed. He was a little hard to engage, but adorable nevertheless. I would talk to him, he would look at me, and then he would go back to his coloring. Apparently I’m not as funny as I think I am.

The second time I hung out with him, he had his shirt off and had managed to procure a marker from one of the nurses. And, doing what all 6 year-old boys seem to do well, he colored on himself, which only upped the adorableness factor. We bonded some more over his artistic endeavors, bubbles, and the pictures of him on my camera’s display screen.

Before we knew it, Jasem’s turn for catheterization came. So into the operating room he want, and an hour and a half later he came out with his heart completely healed!

As he lay sleeping in recovery, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly happy. Here was a little boy who had spent his life restricted by his heart defect, and although he didn’t know it yet, he was healed. He can now run, jump, and play with the best of them, and I got to be there to see him through it all!

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