How Entrepreneurs Can Remake the World

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to change the world.

People who can look at something as ordinary as a bar of soap and see possibility. Not just the possibility of bigger profit margins or better bottom lines, but the possibility to actually change someone’s life. 

The possibility of creating new livelihoods or helping a refugee reclaim what was lost in the ashes of war. 

What these entrepreneurs create—it’s not a product or a way of doing good. It’s both.

There is so much pressure in our world to compartmentalize everything into neat little categories, that it can be hard to see how things could fit together.

There’s our day job… and the rest of our life.

There’s our social media persona… and who we are “in real life.” 

There’s “spiritual”… and there’s “secular.”

There’s business… and there’s mission.

There’s what we have to do… and what we’re really passionate about doing. 

We don’t believe in binary choices. We reject compartmentalization. We believe that every minute, every choice—even every purchase or investment—is an opportunity to do good.

That’s why we love our “maker” friends who sew pillows and design lettering to fund lifesaving heart surgeries or empower women in Iraq. We love those who make jewelry or create art to remind people they can choose love over fear.

kinsman soap

We love our refugee friends in Iraq who are reclaiming their lives from ISIS by making soap, sewing dresses, and opening shops.

We love storytellers whose books unleash the compassionate, world-remaking power of our children—and publishers whose entire business model is to sell those books in order to fund worthy children’s causes. 

And that’s why we love, love, love The Purpose Hotel.

Our friend Jeremy Cowart has been dreaming this up for a while now—a hotel that is more than just a place to park your suitcase and yourself for a few nights. A hotel where everything—from the wall art to the soap to the wifi—is connected to a cause or a need in our world.

Because a hotel is not just a hotel. A hotel can be a mechanism for change. A two-night stay can transform a thousand days and nights of someone else’s life.

There has never been a hotel like this, where creativity, compassion, and enterprise come together seamlessly.

But this… this is the future. 

This is the future of business. This is the future of charity and peacemaking—not as isolated things, but woven into the fabric of our lives. 

To all the entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries using your gifts to remake the world, thank you.

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