How is Mohammad?

Mohammad smiles while his bandages are changed, following lifesaving heart surgery via Preemptive Love Coalition

He’s doing great!

We visited Mohammad and his family at home, and met up with him at the local children’s hospital for his post-op check-up after his lifesaving heart surgery, and to get his stitches removed. 

Mohammad lays on a gurney, a row of stitches down his chest from recent lifesaving heart surgery soak in iodine. Preemptive Love Coalition

plc sweatshirt

A nurse holds Mohammad's hand while he has stitches removed from recent lifesaving heart surgery. He needed to be very brave at that moment. Preemptive Love Coaltion.

Reentering a hospital after major surgery took courage. Laying still while the stitches in his chest were removed took courage. A wonderful nurse held his hand to lend him some of her courage too.

Mohammad, with a fresh bandage on his chest following lifesaving heart surgery, is ready to put on his shirt. via Preemptive Love Corporation

Mohammad sits in a chair in front of his house, beaming a huge smile. A fresh bandage peeks out of the top of his shirt. Mohammad recently had lifesaving heart surgery via Preemptive Love Coalition.

At home, Mohammad is happy. His parents are relieved. And his brothers and sisters? They’re thrilled to have Mohammad home and getting well.

Recovery from surgery is a long process. Mohammad won’t be doing cartwheels any time soon. But he’s on the mend.

Thank you for making that happen.