How Remedy Missions Are Inspiring Locals To Bring The Remedy To Others

chain reaction: (n.) a series of events in which each event is the result of the one preceding and the cause of the one following

This is little Yasna.

She was born with a heart defect that keeps her lungs from receiving all the blood and oxygen that she needs to live strong. At two months old, they had no idea about her heart problem but when she had to go in for an abdominal surgery the doctors noticed something wasn’t right with her heart. The local doctors told her mother that she would need to save up to take Yasna to India for surgery.

Already two months old, the doctors told her that she only had four more months to get her surgery until her condition would worsen and make her inoperable. 

6 months passed and she had only a fraction of the amount saved up. 6 more months passed and soon she was 2 years old and the parents had come to live with the fact that their daughter was too old to be saved. 

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Last August, Yasna’s mother’s cell phone ran and she heard about a team of doctors coming in to bring a remedy for children exactly like hers – children others thought were inoperable. She brought Yasna in for surgery but because of the amount of “inoperable” children waiting in line for their operations, the doctors ran out of time and Yasna had to go home without a surgery. 

Because of YOU, that was only the first Remedy Mission of many and last week they were called to the hospital again…this time they were second in line for surgery! 

I asked Yasna’s mother what it was like to finally hand her daughter over to surgeons that knew how to fix her heart. She said, “So beautiful.” She continued, “One day, God-willing, not only will our doctors know how to take care of all the children here but our country will be the country who sends doctors and nurses to other countries to help their children.” 

And so the chain reaction continues! You’re bringing remedy which is stirring up hearts in Iraq to turn around and bring the remedy to others. 

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