I’ve Never Been So Excited To Not See Hama!

A photo of Hama receiving a check-up next to his mother in the ward room.

I walked into the ICU today to check on Hama but he wasn’t there. This is great news!

On my way to the hospital this morning, Hama was having his wires, tubes, and IV’s removed because he was given the green light to leave the ICU.

By the time I arrived, he was already upstairs in the hospital ward.

Walking into his room was a welcomed change of pace for everybody. The room wasn’t full of monitors and rusty oxygen tanks. It didn’t even have any nurses in it. It was just him and his mom and Tom & Jerry on the television.

The things we got to talk about today are completely different than before. Instead of talking about the operation and the risks involved, now we’re talking about what lies ahead. Things like when he can play soccer again, when he can swim, and when the scar will be his only memory of his heart defect.

These are the best conversations.

Thanks for showing your support for Hama. He’s almost home!

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