In The News: “Still Raw Wounds Greet US Medics In Iraq’s Fallujah”

A couple months ago, you helped us do something that others thought was impossible: we took an American medical team into Fallujah to save lives.

We’ve gotten used to being considered a little crazy, but Fallujah? Even we weren’t sure what to expect.

This was something new, and it was a massive, collaborative effort. We couldn’t—nor would we want to—have done it alone. Watch the above video to see an AFP story sharing more about that historic trip.

The expertise of our partners, Living Light International (LLI) and For Hearts And Souls (FHAS), made this historic mission a reality. The cultural and historical nuances of a place like Iraq’s Anbar province are vast, but the LLI team’s—and particularly Nadwa Qaragholi and Dr. Wieam Ahmed’s—ability to navigate culture and read between the lines cleared the way and made seven operations possible during this trip.

save lives on the frontlines of war

But operations don’t happen without trained, competent doctors, which is why we’re also grateful for Dr. Kirk Milhoan and his team at FHAS. They used their expertise to pave the way for more missions that, hopefully, will be able to ease tensions between at-odds communities through the healing of children. These friends of ours in the battle against The Backlog are invaluable, indispensable, and we can’t wait to work alongside them in Fallujah again soon!

In addition to savvy cultural guides and skilled doctors, these missions don’t happen without you—thank you for doing what others thought impossible!.

Every dollar you give helps us in our effort to eradicate The Backlog in Fallujah, and now we need your help going back.

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