Invest In Refugees

Refugees have had every imaginable label thrown at them. A burden. A threat. An infestation.

They are rarely, if ever, called “great.”

But have you ever tried to imagine the lengths they go to provide their families? To keep their children going?

The COVID-19 pandemic has given all of us a tiny glimpse into the fear and uncertainty they face every day.

Not knowing if it’s safe to go outside. If you can find the medicine you need without further risking your health. Or if there will be enough food to feed your family.

But you are MORE than this crisis.

And so are they.

Refugees are MORE than the labels that get thrown at them.

MORE than what they’ve lost.

MORE than victims.

We don’t help because they need our pity. Or because they need us to save them.

We help because we can see ourselves in them. We see our neighbors in them.

We can see greatness in them.

The resolve to feed their children, no matter what. The courage to risk miles of danger, to find medicine. The grit to build a business, to provide for their families again.

That’s the kind of grit worth investing in.

This World Refugee Day (June 20), you can invest in the kind of world you want—for them, for you.

You can give so no one starves. You can give to create jobs.

And if you can give monthly, you’ll provide food and medicine now and jobs every month after.

Our refugee friends are worth the investment. Give today.