Iraqi Doctors Serve Children of All Beliefs and Tribes

Children served in our Nasiriyah program

From the northernmost town on the Turkish border, to the southernmost port on the Persian Gulf—the doctors in our highest impact program (the one we referenced in our recent Urgent Appeal) have saved children from all over Iraq.

Now, these predominantly Shia doctors in the south are opening their hearts and operating rooms to Sunni families who’ve fled from cities like Mosul, Tikrit, and Fallujah in response to recent violence.

“No one cares if they are Sunni, or Turkish—or any race or belief—what we care about is how to relieve their condition,” said Dr. Munaf, a pediatric cardiac surgeon-in-training.

Since the beginning of 2014, this 39-week, in-country training program in Nasiriyah has provided more than 180 children with heart surgery—and we’ve scheduled 20+ more this week!

The second year of the program is wrapping up soon. In the meantime, the doctors in Nasiriyah continue to battle geographic, ethnic, tribal, and theological differences in the operating room—saving lives along the way.

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