It Has to Be Us.

Another black man in America, killed unjustly by the police. He was posing no threat.

Policing in America is broken.

The systems and structures our society is built on are broken. They are shot through with racism and fear.

People of color, minorities, those with the knee of oppression on their throats—you deserve better.

There are better ways to do this. We do not have to live like this.

Ultimately, however, it cannot fall to those who already have the knee of oppression on their throats, suffocating out their very life, to call us to be better.

Those of us who were born into privilege and power and opportunity—we have to put our bodies on the line. It’s going to take more than Twitter activism (or even a video like this) to change things.

We have to stand alongside those whose bodies and lives are being targeted.

We have to change.

We need something new.

It has to be us.