It’s Here: The #1 Surgical Training Program In Iraq

A photo of an Iraqi doctor who will benefit from Remedy Fellowship: The #1 Surgical Training Program In Iraq

Have you heard about Remedy Fellowship? It represents our most comprehensive strategy for saving lives to date! You know all those short-term surgical missions you’ve been sending to Iraq? Well we’re taking the leading specialists from those teams and planting them in Iraq for an entire year!

Back in 2007 we told you we wanted to save lives, and you believed us, joined us and made it happen! Now join us and the rest of the Coalition again in this new stage of life-saving and doctor-training! Visit the Remedy Fellowship webpage to learn more about how you can make this happen!

Our 7th Remedy Mission in Iraq begins this weekend! Surgical missions like this one made larger programs like Remedy Fellowship possible, and none of them could have happened without your care.

Stay tuned as we bring you more stories directly from the hospital!