It’s Working!

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, and look around you.” —Leo Tolstoy

We’ve spent a lot of time looking ahead, casting vision. And for good reason, because we’re working for the day when The Backlog is just a memory and local doctors are saving lives all on their own.

But during our trek toward that day, we often look straight down at our feet, and we forget to enjoy the trip. So let’s take a minute to do so!

Developmentally speaking, last April’s Remedy Mission to Fallujah went over like a dream.

Dr. Firas, whom you’ve met before, had everything lined up for our team when we arrived. The initial echo screening process was the best kind of uneventful, the operations were all successful, and—the best part—the team performed 16 operations in just three days!

On our first mission to Fallujah, the team worked with Dr. Firas and his staff to perform 12 procedures in four days.

On the second mission, they did 16 procedures in five days.

And now 16 kids in just three days?

That, my friends, is progress!

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Ask any teacher—tracking a student’s progress can be difficult. Is the information in one ear and out the other, only useful for an exam and then promptly forgotten? Or is the student learning and actually applying newfound knowledge to his life?

Thankfully, Dr. Firas and his team are the latter. They’re helping more children in less time with fewer complications. Of course, they still have a lot to learn, but they’re learning—and that’s something to celebrate!

To everyone who has donated to make these three missions possible in Fallujah: thank you!

We are doing this because of your generosity—onward!

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