Join us for a special live conversation this Thursday

You’re invited to join a very special conversation, Peace Through Health in Iraq, a roundtable discussion on Thursday, March 5, and 8pm AST. The discussion is hosted by President Carter’s Forum on Women: Religion, Violence, and Power, and will feature Dominican Sisters Durstyne and Nadia from the United States, as well as our own founder Jeremy Courtney, and Dr. Firas al Kubaisy.

You can register for free, through the Forum on Women website here.

As a long-time healthcare partner in Fallujah and someone who has seen first-hand the affects of war, Dr. al Kubaisy has a unique insider’s understanding of what is happening in Iraq and where we should go from here.

When Dr. al Kubaisy closed his first hole in a child’s heart, he likened it to walking on the moon.  This is a unique opportunity to hear a discussion on the transformative power of health care and efforts to rectify the impact of conflict in Iraq on women and families.