Just Hours Before Her Surgery, Fatima’s Mother Says, “This is a gift from God!”

Fatima and her mother smiling for the camera at Remedy Mission VII.

I had the hardest time deciding which picture to use to introduce you to Fatima. This last week she’s been such a star for the camera—aka, exactly the kind of kid I love! In fact, if you didn’t see her in Remedy: The Flipbook you should stop reading and go do that here.

But Fatima’s charm goes beyond her camera antics. There’s no way to describe it except this: she is so full of JOY. She’s here with her mother, and the two of them just fuel each others laughter all day long. It’s been so much fun having the two of them around.

I got some of the back-story on Fatima and her mother–want to hear it?

Fatima is the youngest of four. Her father is out of work, and her mother works from home as a seamstress to make ends meet. When Fatima was born, the doctors told her mother that the hole in their daughter’s heart was the fault of the war. A remnant of the violence of the foreign countries who had attacked their homeland for so long. Like so many other families, their only option would be a costly trip abroad. But at a seamstress’s salary, she knew she could never pay for this trip.

We could only give it over to God,” she says. 

Several months ago they saw an ad on TV; foreign doctors were coming to her! Forget leaving the country—she wouldn’t even need to leave her city! She couldn’t believe it, but “This,” she says, “this is a gift from God.” 

Fatima is just hours away from her life-changing operation. Why don’t you use these next few hours to share her story with a friend?