Little Zain Comes Back To See the Remedy That Saved His Life

Little Zain looking healthier than ever!

Recognize this baby? It’s okay, neither did we!

This is little Zain, and you helped give him a lifesaving heart surgery when he was only 2 weeks old. Now he’s 5 months old and already a rockstar because, on our last Remedy Mission, he became the very first child to ever receive an ‘arterial switch’ surgery inside Iraq (It’s a big deal, trust me!).

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Since then, he’s more than doubled his weight and now he’s growing, scooting, stacking and doing all the things 5-month-old rockstars were created to do. Zain’s father carried him inside the hospital today, ALL smiles, and wanted us to see for ourselves what the surgery had done. So, now we’re the ones, ALL smiles, wanting you to see what YOU have done for Zain and his father! Zain has no idea how big of a deal his surgery was — he’s probably just thinking about the next meal and wondering who’s going to hold him next, and we love it! 

All we care about is the fact that he never has to think about his heart defect again.