Live Like We Belong to Each Other… Every Day

After the tragedy in New Zealand, many of you turned out to show love and solidarity with your Muslim neighbors. For a few days, we lived like we belonged to each other.

But we don’t have to wait for the next tragedy or the next terror attack to live like that.

What if the extraordinary moments of connection that happened last week were ordinary? What if they were simply a part of how we live?

We can unmake violence. We can cultivate community as an antidote to polarization. We can pursue peace through action—together.

The Frontline gathering in Greensboro, South Carolina.

For far too long our world has become defined by the measure of difference between one another. But what if our love outweighed our divisiveness?

What if we stepped across those so-called “enemy” lines and stared fear, guilt, shame, anger, and opposition in the face—and made the choice to love anyway?

For people under the age of 30, all we have known is global war and the rise of nationalism and individualism. The news is dominated by negatives stories that encourage our isolation and division.

We want to take back the narrative. To partner together to bring peace to our communities, neighborhoods, churches, mosques, and campuses. To make new friends and have new conversations. We want to listen to those who are trying to make their world a better place and follow them into a greater tomorrow.

The Frontline is a local gathering of people from all backgrounds and identities, who intentionally engage in relationship and service together.

The Frontline gathering in New Brunswick, Canada.

As part of The Frontline, people from all different walks of life choose to come together, bringing their similarities and differences and celebrating their unique identities—in an environment where power is shared and the mic is passed. Because as people truly listen and see the shared humanity in each other, hearts soften.

It starts in our every day, in our mess. It starts with changing daily patterns and expanding circles to include those who are different. It’s intentionally linking hands with those you might never meet in your day-to-day life.

We know it won’t be easy. Our world is steeped in darkness, in hate and fear and violence. If we are to become the largest most diverse community of peacemakers on the planet we’re going to have to fight for it.

But we believe in the power of unconditional, unmeasurable love. It’s not a platitude. Bold love—wild, beautiful, brave love—love that changes things. Love that pushes past every barrier, love that sees every person and says, “Yes, you too.”

This is the love we are fighting with. This is the love that will remake the world.

We want to go with you. We want to dream with you, to learn from you. We want to wage peace together, shoulder to shoulder. Join us.

We’re in the very early stages of launching The Frontline gatherings. Sign up below to be a part of the journey.

Join us to become a part of the largest, most diverse community of hand-in-hand peacemakers on the planet.