Living Light International—Seven Years of Defying the Headlines


The headlines coming out of the Middle East can be overwhelming.

We know, and we live there.

To continue to press in and hope, we start by looking around us and witnessing the work of our partners across the country.

Take our dear friends at Living Light International for example.

They have been inside Iraq since 2007—helping us provide lifesaving heart surgeries, investing in Iraq’s most vulnerable children, and taking their education initiatives to the front lines of poverty in Iraq. From children living in the dumps to those in local schools, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been impacted by their work.

As you fight against being overwhelmed by the headlines each day, start by looking at those who have been in Iraq long before the journalists and who will remain in Iraq long after the journalists leave.

Once you do that, it’s hard not to hope.

To Nadwa Qaragholi and her entire team at Living Light International, we are grateful for you.