People from All Sides Have Asked Us to Look, Listen, and Believe Them. We Are.

What does it mean to say “believe women” in the midst of a larger conversation about equality, sexual assault, due process and the burden of proof, and the ever-consuming debate over a Supreme Court nomination?

What does it mean to hold space for everyone in this conversation—to do so when we already feel more polarized, more alienated from each other than ever?

It might be tempting to walk away from this conversation. To say, “That’s not our lane to swim in.”

But we believe it is our lane.

At Preemptive Love, we have given our lives to making space for others, to empowering those who’ve had their power taken from them—especially women in places like Syria and Iraq. Each of their stories is unique. Each of their perspectives is a little bit different… or sometimes a lot different. What’s important is that they are seen, valued, and heard. Treated and trusted as equals.

Jessica and I have also been the victims of false accusations in Iraq and it has resulted in a lot of pain and suffering. So we deeply regard the presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings and the due process necessary for investigators to uncover the truth.

There are many we care deeply about who do not have the luxury of walking away from this conversation.

So we hold space for each other. We press in, to have the larger conversation. Wherever you are, whatever your background or perspective or political affiliation, whatever path led you to this moment in your life—you matter. Your voice matters. Don’t abandon this conversation. Don’t abandon each other. Don’t hole up with “your people” alone. We need each other, and it’s time to press into the pain. Join us.