Maddy Update!—Health On The Rise, Attitude Over A Cliff

A photo collage of Maddy making sad and happy faces.

Remember how confindent I was that Maddy is the sweetest, most angelic child you could possibly meet?

I’m starting to think I was wrong.

He throws things, spits medicine at nurses, and will pinch most anyone who approaches his ICU bed. Of course, when a nurse pinched him back he only giggled hysterically. Maybe it’s just the drugs?

Granted, he did have his ribcage sawed apart, pried open, and then had his insides tinkered with. I’d probably be pretty grumpy if I were in his position. Teddy Grahams and M&M candies made him smile, so at least we know of some way to bribe a smile out of him.


The most important thing, though, is that he is being released to the step-down unit; he’ll be watched a bit longer and then—assuming there aren’t any surprises—he and his grandmother will go home.

Maddy’s newly-healed heart is a source of great joy for us. If you hadn’t already heard, he is our 300th lifesaving heart surgery to date, and we’re celebrating that this Christmas by stocking up on medical supplies.

You can help us do this. God-willing, by this time next year we’ll have saved another 300 children. That means we’ll double our total lives saved in just one year!

To help us make this massive leap forward for Iraqi kids, donate here.