Meet The 300th Child You’ve Impacted!

Allow us to introduce you to a little boy named Maddy, the 300th child you’ve impacted in Iraq! (It still seems surreal to type out that sentence!)

It may have been Maddy’s smile that won all of us over; or maybe the fact that he represents the 300th child we’ve served over the past 5 years; or maybe both!

But despite all the celebrations and smiles here at Basra’s first Remedy Mission, the doctors are eager to work. They have waited 30 years to save children like Maddy, and now it’s time to make up for lost time!

So to celebrate Maddy’s life we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’re planning 300 more lifesaving heart surgeries—next year alone!

But we need your help. Your donations are making the biggest impact yet, and we can’t let up.

This Christmas, help us save the next 300.

Whether it’s a straight-up donation, a Christmas fundraising party, gifting Preemptive Love tee to your friends and family, or starting an online fundraiser—100% of the money donated is going towards saving the next 300.