Mohammad: Lucky to be Alive

Young Mohammad and his fellow heart patient Ali ride in taxi to the airport.

It’s early morning. We speed through the city streets in our friend’s taxi, Arabic music blaring from the speakers. Mohammad and his fellow heart patient Ali are chatting with their dads in the back seat. The city passes by the windows in a blur on the way to the airport—last-minute tickets for their flights fresh in our hands.

The odds have been stacked against both boys since birth. They were born with significant heart defects, serious enough to cut their lives very short. Both boys are from poor families. They know their only hope to live is to go to another country for treatment, but they have absolutely no means to do that.

We met the boys while delivering winter supplies displaced families. Do you remember when we were dropping off heaters and fuel? We discovered two boys with bigger needs than heat.

We were able to get the boys onto the roster for our upcoming Remedy Mission in Nasiriyah—confirmations came in for these boys at the last minute.

We just met with their families and offered them spots on the doctors’ schedule. Oh my goodness! You would not believe what an agonizing decision this was for them! There are big risks that come with operating on kids this sick, and they had to face the possibility that their boys might not make it. On top of that, the surgeries are happening in the south. These families have recently escaped from a different part of the south. The city where the surgeries are happening is safe for them, but oh, what a big leap for them to take!

But both families said yes—stay tuned!

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