Mohammed’s New Heart…and Handlebar Mustache

Mohammad from Pakistan tries out a handlebar moustache in our Remedy Photobooth.

If you’re a child in a hospital waiting for a lifesaving heart surgery, your days are going to be crazy. There’s no way around it.

You’ll be whisked away from one appointment to the next. The cardiologists want to look at your heart, the nurses want to understand your blood, the doctors want to get their hands on your medical reports, and your parents are being walked through the actual procedure that will be performed on your heart.

For sick children, life in the hospital is chaotic at best.

But Mohammed isn’t sick anymore. He experienced the rushing of the days leading up to his surgery, but now that he’s no longer sick his days are pretty boring! The doctors don’t need to see him anymore. The cardiologists have seen all they need to see to know Mohammed’s heart is in great shape. The nurses have no reason to run more tests or prescribe medicine. His medical reports are now stamped “CURED” and are a thing of the past. 

There’s no reason for healthy children to be in the hospital and there are less and less reasons for Mohammed to stick around any longer! But we’re taking advantage of our down days with Mohammed – playing soccer, going on walks and trying out mustaches. 

What do you think of this one? We knew you’d like it.