These Women Are More Than Victims of War.

In a world of mass-produced, chemically-based, disposable goods, Sisterhood Candles stand out. Our hand-hammered copper candles are made with an all-natural blend of soy wax, scented only with essential oils. But it’s not just what goes into them. It’s who stands behind each candle.

Every candle is handmade by the women in Iraq. Each one is carefully mixed and poured in the comfort of their homes and workspaces.

The simplicity of these candles is charming. But the women who make them are anything but simple. They are complex, multidimensional people who are not defined by a single story.

Yes, they’ve been impacted by war.

Yes, they’ve lost loved ones.

And yes, they’re almost certainly still processing the effects of all that—to say nothing of the ongoing conflict in Iraq.

But these women are so much more than that.

They are hopeful. They dream about the life they are working to rebuild. They joke with co-workers as they mix, pour, and pack the candles.

They help their kids with homework and sing nursery rhymes to babies. Maybe they like reading, or shoes, or soccer… or all three. These women are multidimensional people, just like you and me.

So think of them when you use their candles. You could buy a cheaper candle at Target, and every time you burn it you could think of the corporate machine that mass-produced it for you. Or you could buy this candle that Hiyam made.

And every time you burn it you could hear her voice, saying:

“A candle gives light to others. My first candle gave me this impression—and every time I make candles, I feel a joy.”

save lives on the frontlines of war

One of our candlemakers, Um, and her granddaughter

This year, use your Christmas shopping to support the hard work, resilience and multidimensionality of these women.

Purchasing the simple, all-natural items they make with their hands will affirm that they are more than just “women impacted by war.” They are people with futures worth supporting.