Refugees Displaced AGAIN After ISIS Attacks Camp

On Thursday we told you about an ISIS mortar attack on a refugee camp north of Baghdad, where 13 displaced Iraqis died and dozens more were injured. To make the tragedy worse, the nearest hospital was completely out of supplies.

We asked for your help to supply emergency medical kits, and you responded. Immediately. We were able to rush the kits into doctor’s hands just when they were needed.

Since then, all displaced families from this camp have been moved to a new, safer place. But they don’t have ANYTHING at this new location.

Our presence on the ground, coupled with your generosity, means we’re already responding to their need—specifically, by creating a “rest stop” along the way, between the fighting and a more permanent camp—a place for families to catch their breath.

Families fleeing from ISIS will find shelter, bathrooms, and a place to rest. Most importantly, they won’t have to wait for weeks in the August sun and 115-degree heat for help to be mobilized. Many organizations were caught off guard earlier this summer by the scale of the refugee crisis in Fallujah. New camps couldn’t be equipped fast enough. Families spent days in the blistering heat without a tent. If we didn’t respond, the same might happen here in the Mosul corridor.

For refugees fleeing ISIS, the journey is perilous enough already. You are giving families a place to rest as they make their way through the desert.

Look for more updates soon. We can’t stress it enough: your donations allow us to respond immediately. For families who have lost everything—twice now—you make all the difference.

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