Mosul Water Update: ”You were the cause of happiness for thousands.”

Families in Mosul haven’t had water for months. After years of ISIS sabotage and the ongoing battle to liberate Mosul, the water system is in ruins.

On World Water Day, we asked you help turn the water back on in Mosul—and you’re responding. We’ve started repairing hundreds of feet of pipe, so we can restore water for up to 1.6 million people.

We just got this update from our Iraqi water engineer leading the project, after we told him how thousands of you are showing up for families in Mosul…

Thank you for the praise you gave me and my team. I think the ones who deserve more thanks are the donors.

You were the cause of happiness for thousands of Mosul’s citizens who suffered from a lack of access to clean drinking water.

I’ve stayed inside Mosul for 20 straight days. I’ve felt what they were suffering from the lack of water. I have seen the people suffer badly.

Providing water is even more important than food because it is related to human life and health.

The work we’re doing together is exemplary to the extreme—and we’re the only ones who are doing it.

Your donations are already at work inside Mosul, rebuilding the water system so families who’ve gone months without a drop of water coming from their faucets don’t have to wait any longer.

There is much more to be done to restore this city. But your love is on the ground—and underneath it, turning the water back on for Mosul.

 Help provide a lifetime of clean water for families just liberated from ISIS.

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