Move for Peace: In Your Neighborhood & Beyond

Moving Together

This is the only way to peace that we know works. When people around the world contribute what they have to give, together, it changes us and the world around us.

Whether it’s money to provide food for starving families or the courage to keep going one more day even when you have no idea where the next meal will come from;

partnering with a woman to start a new business, or having the courage to open a business desperately needed by your war-torn neighborhood; 

having hard conversations with your neighbors about the issues that divide, or taking a chance on making friends in a neighborhood long divided by violence.

In Your Own Neighborhood

Each September we invite peacemakers all over the globe to move for peace. We would love for you to join us. Now through September 30th, we’re moving together as a collective community for children in Lebanon whose neighborhoods are riddled with violence. 

It’s an invitation to be a part of a movement. You can walk, skate, dance, paint, swim, stretch, or move with us in a way that’s most authentic for you. We’re moving for a more beautiful world. We’re moving for peace.

Pre-register today, and join us from Sept 1st through Sept 30th in moving our bodies all month long.  

We can’t wait to see how you’ll move🌎❤️

Connecting With Kids in Lebanon

We’re working in an area of Lebanon renown for years of violence, and bringing together more than 400 kids from these neighborhoods pockmarked by bulletholes, through sports.

“[There have been] tensions for decades…since the days of the Lebanese Civil War and even way before that. So the two sides try never to cross. There is huge distrust between them,” our team member Sammy tells us. Kids growing up surrounded by mistrust and fear—it becomes the lens through which they see each other.

Apartment blocks riddled with bullet holes tower over the soccer field where kids learn to trust each other. Photo by Erin Wilson

What if there was another way? What if kids had the chance to be teammates on the soccer field, to work together, and to cheer each other on?

“Once they started meeting each other, they started seeing that they aren’t actually so different,” Sammy reports.

“Before, people didn’t like each other here. Now, these kids come here to play, and their families feel it’s safe to do that in a safe place like this field. So they can remove the old ideas from them, better than they make problems. And they are really happy here,” their coach noted.

Off the field, the growing economic crisis in Lebanon is causing tensions to rise everywhere. Families can’t get enough to eat. In order to buffer tensions in these neighborhoods, we provide food packs for each player’s family so they can keep showing up to play and building a peaceful future with their community. 

Last year, you helped us raise $50,000 for Move for Peace. The friendships created, the stories shared, and the impact made by bringing along your friends, family, and communities is incredible. When you move for peace—you help us raise funds where it’s needed most.

We would be delighted for you to join us for Move for Peace 2022. Help us reach our collective community goal of $120,000 by creating your fundraiser today.

After you pre-register for Move for Peace, you’ll receive exciting updates and fundraising tips from our Preemptive Love team throughout the duration of our month-long campaign. Sign up today.