Mushrooms Are Giving Syrian Farmers Their Identity Back

It can start with seeds planted deep into the Syrian soil. Or mushrooms grown in the safety of a family’s home. Or livestock that restore more than income—they restore a family’s identity.

For years, Syria has been lost in a struggle of power and bombs—a never-ending conflict that began with a drought that felled livestock and laid waste to once-vibrant farmland.

We can renew the earth after war. We can plant more than seeds—we can replant families, bringing them home, bringing them back to who they were before the war. Before they were refugees.

Crops, mushrooms, and sheep give families the means to provide for themselves again—not just a source of food, but a source of stability. Income they can use to send their children to school—to dig in and stay, rather than give up and flee.

A war that began with drought can end with a harvest.